Why One Should Join Rising Star Academy?


Rising Star Academy value system revolves around truth, transparency & commitment. Whatever we think, we say & whatever we say, we do. We present to you what we actually are. Our penchants and pursuits of quality are evident in our every activity in all our actions, at all times everywhere. 

We never compromise on quality. We are the only institute that follows a very strong, systematic, and objective selection and training process before a teacher becomes a Rising Star faculty. Rising Star Academy focuses on holistic metamorphosis thereby enriching the cognitive skills of the students making sequence and series of Basic Building Blocks of your career.
It is not the subject matter, but methodology usher in clarity, distinctiveness, and certainty that makes the subject truly scientific.


Keeping a close eye on the current and past trends of the question paper for various competitive exams, we at Rising Star Academy keep on updating our study materials. This includes new framing of questions as per the changed pattern or newly introduced concept. We also try to develop tricks for solving questions that take too much time but are repeatedly being asked in the exams.
After each chapter on the topic, a summary of the concept is provided which works as a panacea during exams for the students.


images Rising Star Academy provides the most live and interactive classes which are widely acclaimed as "THE BEST" in its domain. Our seasoned faculty like U. R. Tyagi keep on motivating their students for asking questions in the class. Moreover, students are also motivated for framing new multiple-choice questions which help them to think over various aspects of the concept and enrich them accordingly.


images "We" at Rising Star Academy have an Ideal Alert Monitoring System which is an automated way to keep a close gaze on the performance of our students through our innovative assessment cum evaluation mechanism. We help recognize your SWOT ( Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats ) through the unison of D3 ( Determination, Dedication, Diligence ) to fetch you the final destination as the final selection.


images Rising Star Academy provides a centralized AC facility for self-study to their students with the proper facility of books requirement.


The students can view the recorded lectures in case they have skipped the classes or they want to revise certain topics. Rising Star Academy provides a well-equipped computer lab where the students can view the complete video library.


images At Rising Star Academy every data which is collected from the students is collected in the form of OMR Sheets. The OMR sheets are then processed on advanced software which gives us the highest level of accuracy. The software used here is as same as used by CSIR in their labs. This not only increases the efficiency of our academy but also trains our students to fill OMR forms in the prescribed and standard manner. Automated evaluation of the answer sheets of tests conducted on OMR sheets makes the academy capable of analyzing the performance of the students at an even micro level. On the basis of the available analysis, we are able to take appropriate actions to improve each student performance.


images Rising Star Academy is having a wonderful online test application for the students. This application not only provides independence from geographical boundaries for taking tests but also works as a depositary for students test progress records. From anywhere and anytime students can access their account and get the latest trend, issues, and weaknesses in their progress.


images The faculty of Rising Star Academy help students on one to one basis comprehensively for their doubt clearance and concept building in problem-solving techniques.


images All the faculty at  Rising Star Academy are alumni of the top most institute in India. Few to name- IITs, IISc Bangalore, ISI Kolkata, TIFR, Delhi University, JNU, etc.


The essence of my presence in this world is...I muse and amuse thats for I am... ...U. R. Tyagi
He believes that we need to break down this traditional way of learning and upgrade our knowledge in a modern scientific way to take mathematics to its zenith. So he keeps on revising his existing knowledge and information which is reflected in his dynamism. His line of thought is that Mathematics is not a Subject, rather a Lifestyle or a Language. So he uses Logics of Mathematics as a Metaphor or Figure of Speech in his Dialect.
He is a charismatic mentor, full of wisdom, and has started the new era of teaching and learning mathematics.
His way of delivering lectures is so lucid, calm, patient and at the same time his wittiness, situational & Mathematical jokes make the atmosphere of the class very interactive and lively.

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